Sunday, September 24, 2006

too cool for us

davis decided he was too cool to smile for the camera wearing his first pair of sunglasses. i think i even see a little bit of attitude in him in this picture. how quickly he catches on. but don't worry, he got over it pretty quickly and we caught another snapshot of him goofing around later.

thank goodness for camera phones. zach and i never think to bring the camera in the diaper bag. but if we are lucky, we remember to pull out the cell phones to snap a quick pic when needed. davis attended the gardner webb vs. appalachian state football game this weekend. he had a great time listening to all the crowd, the band and the players' moms ring the cow bells. staring at the stadium lights seemed more interesting than watching the game. and somehow, he didn't get upset when tired even after not napping much earlier in the day. with all the new sights and sounds, he didn't want to miss a beat. i think we are making up for it today though. when he's tired, he has started a new tired cry we have never really heard before.

oh well. at least we had a few good laughs and smiles this morning.

having fun

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

me eyebrows

this is davis' favorite position. belly to shoulder. if he's crying? i don't bother trying to cradle & rock back and forth. the boy wants air. and height. if dad's around...even better.

let's looks like those would be zach's ears, zach's hair, zach's eyes, zach's cheeks, zach's chin, but those are definitely me eyebrows! thank goodness there's a gap between them. (both his and mine.) :)

Friday, September 1, 2006

carolina girls...

molly in pink, kate in yellow!

best in the world!

last weekend we finally got to meet mary & will's twin girls, molly and kate! and vice versa! molly and kate were so well behaved and davis, well....he slept. the girls are about 6/7 weeks older than davis and 3 lbs lighter. i keep telling myself that this is the first difference between girls and boys. boys are bigger. and boys are heavier. i also keep reminding myself that molly & kate are twins, and twins are usually a tad smaller, too. anything to keep from realizing the truth of how big and tall davis will be one day. anything to keep my mind off of how much our grocery bill will be that same day.

here are the cute carolina girls! silly molly, and kate on candid camera. :)