Tuesday, July 10, 2007

for the love of cold noses

i'm so glad that davis is a dog-lover too. although, i'm not so sure how much ryker appreciates it as davis is giving his new furry friend a sweet kiss. ryker is alysia's hungarian vizsla. and as an only dog, he did so well to accept our wild man into his home last week for a visit. davis chased ryker everywhere. i've never seen him so intrigued by a dog before.

its funny. davis will give open mouthed kisses and later on practice making puckering noises. but he has yet to put the two together. although he has caught on that you wave hello and goodbye when the person can see and not when you have already left the room. and he has learned to flip the hand around to wave at the person and not himself.

time is passing so quickly and so slowly at the same time. the days go by so fast that i can't get everything done around the house that needs to be done. yet the weeks are dragging on so slow it seems like baby girl trogdon will never get here.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

life without fireworks

poor rio. he hates fireworks. he is so scared of them that when he hears that far-off crackle he freezes and starts to tremble. its the most pitiful and cutest thing to see him standing there shaking in his skin. but what breaks your heart is as the fireworks keep going off, there is no way to comfort him. he just paces and cannot get comfortable. occasionally, he thinks that thunder during a storm are fireworks too. but once you open the door and he sees its raining then he usually calms down. its funny how we don't care for fireworks anymore either. especially if someone in the neighborhood is enjoying the thrill of pyromaniacy this time of year. for one, please don't upset our neurotic dog. and two, davis is probably asleep and we are finally enjoying the quiet ourselves.

obviously not much to report on davis' end. as you can see he loves the swing and his hair goes just about everywhere but where you want it to. i am afraid he's going to be cursed with a wavy middle part right down the top. sometimes all the hair in the back of his head sticks straight out like a off set mohawk. making him look neurotic too. our wild child.