Wednesday, July 28, 2010


of course every parent believes their child(ren) to be the most amazing ever. but swimming at 2 years old? come on! that's incredible! the video is a little long, but it's sure to please the grands.

i originally thought davis to be our future competitive swimmer due to the size of his feet. what big flippers he has. though allison is proving herself to be quite the little fish.

p.s.- allison took her first unassisted swim before davis. when asked if davis wanted to try, he said no. until we told him allison had already done it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

our life's soundtrack

switch volvo station-wagon for the van and you pretty much have....
the story of us.

Monday, July 12, 2010

don't have a cow

but, she did. allison does not like this brown dress. even if it was part of her cow costume. no, she wanted to wear a hannah montana dress that is several sizes too big. landry passed the dress on to her. i don't even think allison knows who/what hannah montana is. (this is a good thing.) i don't even think hannah montana will be a big deal by the time allison grows into this dress. (this is a great thing!) i think it's more of the fact landry gave it to her. and allison wants to be like landry. so, allison had a cow on cow appreciation day. she wouldn't even look at the camera. at all.

so, you get a cute picture of davis the happy brown cow.

p.s. - this is why allison is crazy about landry.............

landry gave allison her old make-up vanity. it sings. it plays music it has a microphone brush and star chair to sit in. a back light. it's light enough to be moved from room to room without parental help. and finally, allison has a mirror that is just her height. now to re-hide all my makeup.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

before i forget

kids says the cutest things:

davis, eating raisin bran this morning (note: a brand new bag) - "these are just crumbs!"

allison and davis discussing their family tree -

allison: "jim is mommy's mom?"
davis: "no! jim is not mommy's mom."
allison: "then who's jim?"
davis: "jim is our grandaddy."
allison: "oh. jim IS mommy's mom!"
me: "jim is my dad."
allison: "oh! ha, ha, ha, ha.... jim is your daddy!"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a mane event

yay! it happened! the time came!!! i FINALLY got allison's hair into a ponytail. i don't know who pranced around most proudly? allison or me?

she's so cute, i couldn't pick just one picture to post.....
so i'll post them all!

Monday, July 5, 2010

star & stripes forever! and ever....and ever...

we had our choice of hats. we had our choice of flags and wands. we had on our clothes of red, white and blue. we had on patriotic flip flops. we had the dog. even the dog had a flag collar and flag leash of old glory itself. we had an empty bag for collecting candy. and for the first time, we had arrived early for lattimore's fourth of july parade. but before we left, we had a great time!

our fourth of july weekend had officially begun on an old small town main street, sandwiched between old storefronts, depots, gazebos, a memorial garden, restored caboose and train tracks. for the first few quiet minutes, you could imagine yourself back in time, in the days of black and white tv shows, icebox refrigerators, golly-geepers, kids riding in the streets and rotary bike bells, local appliance stores and drug counters with soda fountains....."oh? what was that? the roar of the local mustang car club revving there engines in the parade line two miles away?" welcome back to july 3rd, 2010.

the parade route isn't long, but it isn't fast either. you wait just as long for it to get to you as the parade is long itself. but i remind the kids, "if you wear your hats and wave your'll get more candy!" wrong, i know. i shouldn't teach them that they'll get more in life the cuter you are. but how else do you expect me to get those good pictures? and you will see it is definitely getting more difficult the older they get. blurs. frowns. pops on the head from the other. retaliation hits. pulling hair. who wants to see pictures of that? now do you doubt me?

so here it is: my first installment of independence day 2010 entries. hope your celebration was just as fun and candy-filled as ours! (by the way.....i was right about the candy thing.)

dressed & ready - waiting on for the parade:

come on! we're down here:

davis is done. time to tag along with the firemen:

i jump for candy!:

playing in the caboose:

team stripes:

red, white and shimmy

Allison claims rights to 4th of July video this year!
(don't forget to pause the music on the right.)