Monday, August 27, 2012

- under Boiling Spring's guardian landmark -

Greetings from Quinton, VA!  It's our last week of summer.  Though it does feel like much of a summer break with no break in the chaos of a long distance move and land of never-ending boxes.  And maybe by some godly miracle I will get everything together in these last few days before the start of the school year. Wishful thinking.

We are all thinking of our friends in Boiling Springs today.  It's their first day of school and I can't help but wonder what class Davis would have been in and which friends would also greet him in the same room.  Even though we are far away, our thoughts and prayers are still with you for a great, successful year.  Reed, Brye, Maggie, Cristian, Becca, Payton, Kensley, Emily, Carson, Trae, Kayla, Liza, Stella Heidi, Downey, Darlene, Kristin and Diane.

-precious ponderings -

- leaving our mark - 

- refueling at a local favorite, The Snack Shop, with our favorite server, Kim -