Wednesday, July 15, 2009

no likey-likey

zach doesn't like this song (chicken fried, zac brown). he tells me everytime he opens the internet. and then he tells me how much one of his friends loves this song (also everytime he opens the internet.)

how can you not like this song? it is appropriate in so many ways:

1. i just realized the first lyrics of the song and the chick-fil-a reference in the last blog is so fitting. that was SO not planned i promise!

2. it's the perfect summer song. how much fun it would be to still have the jeep and ride around with this song playing.

3. i'm from georgia along with those peaches, pecan pies, sweet tea and southern pines.

4. who doesn't like a cold beer on a friday night?

5. and a good pair of levi's?

6. i love, love, love to sing with the radio up.

7. you better like the love in my eyes.

8. i cherish my precious children's touch.

9. i now (really) know a mother's love.

10. hello? the artist shares your name!

11. i could go on and on.....but i'll end with this. it is the smallest things in life that mean the most.

so if you agree, raise your glass and let's have a toast. you know i'm always up for a drink.

Monday, July 13, 2009

holy cow

its quiet around here. davis and allison are at bobo's for the week. this morning was the first day waking up in the house without the kids. its so quiet you don't know what to do. but there is also so much to do without the help of four little hands, i don't know where to start.

so, i'll continue to procrastinate and upload our latest pictures from last week's cow appreciation day. what's that? some may ask. well, every year on or near july 10th, chick-fil-a will offer free food to all who dress up wholeheartedly or only halfheartedly like those gosh darn cute cows of theirs. dressed head to toe = free combo meal of your choice. cow print handbag or just a eat more chikin sign = free entree of your choice.

you know me - i'll take any opportunity to dress up. especially for free chick-fil-a......double bonus!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

keep your eye on the grand ole flag.

i do believe the fourth of july is davis' favorite holiday of all. the music. the fireworks. the hot dogs. the parade. the marching. and the flag! how davis loves to march with a flag. every patriotic song is "his song." and every patriotic song deserves a march.

we started with fireworks at cowpens state park on friday night. most kids like to run around a chase each other or play games while waiting for the fireworks. but not davis. its off to the orchestra and a marching we go....

(i did it! video uploaded. press arrow above. keep your eye on the cute little flag carrier and wait....just wait for it! tip: turn your volume on and pause the songlist on the right.)

then on saturday morning, we head over to lattimore's july fourth parade. even more proof we are in the heart of small town america. beef. its whats for dinner.

and of course, davis has to join in the parade at the end.












allison? well, she's not as enthusiastic about the marching or the music. but she does love to go, "whoa!" after every firework.