Tuesday, May 1, 2007

a few firsts

so many davis "firsts" have occurred these past weeks:

- his first journey across the house on his hands and knees...there's no stopping him now
- his first fall from grace (and busted lip). not a pretty sight, but we're all better now
- his first merlefest (and alison krauss performance!!) although, i was very sad that gillian welch was a no-show at this year's festival.
- his first time to pull up in his crib... you can imagine a parent's look of surprise upon entering the room and seeing their quiet child standing on his own.
- make that his second time pulling up on his own. i guess he's curious to see what i am writing about him.
- his first toss of a tennis ball. he is now rio's new hero.
- his first tantrum. and it happened in a toys r us of all places.
- his first all solid food diet. no more of that mushy baby stuff! however, opening a jar was much easier and quicker than cooking and chopping up all of his food.
- his first little sister. it's a girl! he's so excited that i caught him playing with my heels today. at least i'm hoping that his fascination with my shoes is more about the thought of a baby sister than the shoes themselves.

it amazes us how much he changes everyday. all of these 'firsts' are now regular activities that he is perfecting everyday. well, davis is now bored with pulling all of the papers and stuff off the shelf next to me. we'll have to continue another day.