Tuesday, April 26, 2011

where o' where has my little blog gone?

oh where, oh where have I been? well. let me tell you. we saw london, we saw france, we saw francois' underpants.

for spring break we went to visit aunt amy in london. bobo went too. and we saw more of london than we planned for. on saturday we slept for hours upon hours until sunday came. bobo arrived raring to go declaring the best most relaxed plane flight ever. so on a train we hopped to theydon bois for sunday dinner and afternoon at the bull. after a very relaxing day feeding the overfed stuffed duck, playing on a playground, and loving on daisy dog. we, too, stuffed ourselves at the local pub, the bull, on roasts, potatoes, scampi, chips, sausages, yorkshire pudding/circle things, bombs, tarts and ice cream. bobo managed to make it through the day though we all caught her dozing off on the train out to the village merely minutes after her arrival.

monday a.m. came around at a very early 4 o'clock wake-up call. off to the station to board a train to paris. cest la vie! two days of marathon walking, pigeon chasing, carb overloading, and tour de eiffel spotting brought zach back to old memories of living in paris back in 2000-2001.

back to london on tuesday night.

up and out again on wednesday to catch a bus to bristol, england. we haven't seen francois, severine and the girls since davis was 8 weeks old. we had mistaken emilie for her older sister joanne. they had mistaken davis and allison for two years older than they are due to the difference in height between families. the oldest (joanne) and youngest (allison) became fast friends and davis loved the attention of being the only brother and boy among 5 kids. girl crazy that boy is!

francois and sev arranged a babysitter and the parents ran out the door quite quickly for the evening. hooray for charlene! that brave babysitter taking on the three etchanchu sisters and davis and allison. it was a great time for all.

then came thursday. our first day back to london for three days to close out a great week of traveling.

and then came the great screech.

and then the call for an ambulance.

zach wrastled with a taxi and the taxi won. off we go for a trip in the ambulance to the royal london hospital for the next 24 hours. after waiting upon waiting from one queue to another we sprung zach from the nhs and rushed him to a private hospital for immediate care and reattachment of the toes. since then it has been one thing after another. but we are home and in one piece. and we have added "walking sticks" (crutches) to our way of living for the next few months.

well, we've learned where we stand on public healthcare. anyone who wants to support obamacare come sit next to me. i'll be more than glad to fill you in.

oh! and that thing about francois' underpants? well, he likes to eat breakfast in his underwear and he doesn't care who sees. i experienced it for the first time in corsica. and davis quickly pointed it out on thursday morning. "mom! he's in his underwear!"

"well, yes, davis. that's just francois!"

p.s. - i'll try to upload pictures to this post tomorrow.

Friday, April 1, 2011

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