Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hear ye, hear ye!

lucky you! a video for st. patty's day :) lucky us! we get to spend everyday with this precious girl.

a girl who LOVES her princess dresses. i recently bought several dresses at a consignment sale in dunwoody. (awesome clothes. great prices.) well actually, it was closer to a dozen dresses. and allison had to try on every single one of them when we got home. the next morning she woke up and ran to the closet with each of her new dresses hanging on the outside of the doors, stretched her arms out WIDE, and said...."look at ALLLLLL my new princess dresses!" priceless. she wants to wear them all the time. problem is: she wants to put them on and THEN go play outside in the mud and puddles.

davis and allison are so much fun these days. we really never know what they will come up with and say. constantly tickling our funny bones. just last night on the way home, i turned toward the backseat and asked the kids if they were tired. davis had a different one word answer for me. "eat."

warning: this video is rated g for may contain some gross content.

Monday, March 1, 2010

favorite stuff

allison is definitely in the terrible twos. she seems to be at odds against zach 80% of the time and wants me to carry her 99% of the time. even if its just two feet - from the bathroom to her bedroom. always a whiny, crying, yelling of commands. it gets so old quickly, and its hard not to lose your cool with her.

But! There is the other 20% of the time when she is the sweetest, most polite person in our household. She knows her manners. And she knows that to get what she wants, all she has to do is use those manners on her parents. "Mommy, please can I please have some more marshmallows, please?" or just tonight at the dinner table it was, "Daddy, please can we please have some ice cream please?" And this was after I offered her some rice with vegetables and she replied, "no thanks! no thank you." in the sweetest sing-songy voice.

so there she sits, the last one at the dinner table, spooning her (what is now) ice cream soup....and she blurts out casually, "ice cream is my favorite stuff."