Thursday, June 28, 2007

that curious monkey

not george, but davis. he is attempting to climb on everything: sofas, chairs, step ladders, plastic storage crates, you name it.

last weekend we painted one of the bathrooms. and as curious and helpful as ever, davis wanted to lend a hand and a couple of legs. after joining forces to switch back and forth with either taping the bathroom, painting and watching davis - zach and i finally got the bathroom done. well, mainly zach got the bathroom painted. a one year old does come in handy when it's time to pick up all the tape thrown on the floor after unveiling zach's masterpiece.

davis isn't walking yet. but he's a pro at navigating the walker all through the house and working on the one-handed teeter. he loves to sit in his chair, but of course, not in the conventional manner. instead, he climbs aboard sits on the top edge of the chair and puts his feet in the seat of the chair. making sure our nerves are in check every so often. more often than so.

have a great 4th of july! we're hoping rio is over his firework phobia this year. or for no neighborhood fireworks at all.

the sticky situation

Thursday, June 7, 2007

the emperor's new clothes

new photos have been added to davis' birthday collection in the photo gallery courtesy of our good friend, maria. be sure to check them out.

as you have seen davis had a great time with his first birthday (cup)cake - eating, wearing and inhaling it. literally. a few lucky guests can confirm the 1/4 cup of icing snot running out of his nose and across his cheek about 20 minutes after the big feast. mmm...lovely.

we are still trying to catch up on sleep and sanity after last weekend. no one told us that with a child's first birthday comes the first attitude(s) too. on sunday, zach and i attributed the fact davis didn't want to take a nap to being spoiled on his big day the day before. but each day brings a new attitude. monday, he doesn't want to eat his vegetables - only string cheese. tuesday, he will only drink out of a bottle. wednesday, he will only drink out of a sippy cup. thursday, we're backing to the string cheese thing again. i can only wait to see what this weekend brings. a nice long nap would be the best gift ever.

speaking of gifts, davis received way too many sensory-overloaded toys for his birthday. and if you are reading this, its probable that you are partly at fault. but he loves every single one of them. even if he makes up his own rules of how the toy is supposed to work and be played with. the ball popper works better when there are either no balls in it to "pop" or if his hand is covering up the pipe so the balls can't pop up. the chair is not meant to be sat in but stood on. the baseball is not meant to but hit with a bat, but only with the hand. and everything is a walker these days. from chairs to laundry baskets to ottomans, boxes and even dog bowls. and the dogs' only purpose for davis is to lay in the way of his "walker contraption" so that he can bump them again and again and again. they're pretty good sports for about two minutes or so. then they try to avoid whichever room he is in.

another surprise box found its way to our door today. the contents did not contain any flashing lights, moving parts, colorful buttons to play songs or anything that requires batteries for that matter. but it was a box of will and alex gee's outgrown clothes. i love having friends that had kids before me and zach. it also helps that the gees are in the process of moving so stephanie keeps a box with our name on it as she is packing up all of their things and just drops it in the mail. davis is so well dressed and the price tag is just perfect. what is even better is that they just added baby lauren to their family in march, so in a few months we'll receive a box overstuffed with pink things. recycling - its a good thing.

it's getting late so i should try to catch up on some good sleep tonight so i can be ready for whatever davis has in store for us this weekend. bon nuit.

Monday, June 4, 2007

and yet another first.....

birthday that is!!! click on "photo gallery" on the menu to the right to peek at many, many other photos from Davis' Big Day.
they say a photo is worth a thousand words, so in that gallery you will find my future posts for a very long time. ha ha! sorry i've been a slacker during the month of may.