Monday, May 23, 2011

a shooting star

a star is born? not just yet. a shooting star? a little more like it. blink, and you may miss her. look away, and she'll be gone in a flash. trying to take pictures? good luck! i've got blurs of tulle a plenty.

allison's big dance recital was a huge hit! wonderful reviews! a sold out performance of parents, brothers, aunts and grandmothers packed the theatre. and the performances continued at home after the recital and at the restaurant. thank goodness we had the back room to ourselves!! otherwise we would have missed davis' beat box, allison's breakdancing, the book of manners rap and this little light of mine.

davis held out until 5 o'clock. by then the attention on allison broke him and he needed affirmation that he has the no.1 boy of the day. even allison asked me right before bedtime, "is my big day over?" i told her it was and when i asked her if she was tired of all the attention being on her, she simply said, "jyeh."

i can confidently say that we caught her up on any attention she missed from years of not being the first to do anything. funny enough, the biggest treasure of the day were the painted, plastic punch flutes at the reception. don't sweat the small stuff? it's always the small stuff.

and of course you can see the entire performance here:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

deja vu to you too

there is something familiar about today. seems as if i've been here before. seems as if i've gotten the same phone call before too -

(teacher) "stephanie?"


(teacher) "davis fell and hit the picnic tables again on the playground. you need to come get him. he'll need stitches again."

"i'll be right there."

only this time, i knew EXACTLY where to take him and who to call to let them know we were coming. again.

not only coming back to the doctor's office for the the second time this week. (the first appointment was for kindergarten health assessment & 5 year old well-check.) but for the second time to get stitches in the head. only this time it was the other side of the head. and he got three staples instead.

well, the lesson for the day is......(because we obviously didn't learn it before)......when davis takes on a picnic table, the table WILL win.

and yes i did ask. ....."is my child the only one who has this problem or does it happen a lot?" thinking that it happens more often and we might need new tables at the school. but, no, it just seems to only happen to davis.

the belle of the ball

once a upon a time there was a little girl who took dance lessons. and one day her scatterbrained mommy rushed her to dance class after spending the day on a field trip with her older brother. when they were getting out of their long grey chariot, they saw other girls in pretty little costumes all running toward the dance school. the girl's mommy thought, "now why are all these girls dressed up? do we have a dress rehearsal tonight?"

"no." said another mommy. "tonight is picture night."

and the scatterbrained mommy thought, "no it's not. please no!!! i've spent all day running around with brother's class, i've forgotten that it's not just tuesday, but tuesday, april 12th!" there i've done it. i have put my older child's activities in front of the younger sibling and forgotten all about the baby. so much for fairness, balance and equal opportunity.

so in the next few crucial seconds, the other mommy told me, "you have 15 minutes! go home and put her in the costume." yes.....but......i live in boiling springs 9 miles away. okay! okay! kids get back in the car. to the other mommy - please tell miss beth i'll meet ya'll at the photography studio! and away we went....

now, all stories have a happy ending. it just takes a while for this one to get there.

you see, we got back home. grabbed the costume and decided to pop it on when we got back to the studio. the problem now was our long, grey chariot was showing there was on 5 miles left til midnight. i mean, empty tank. really? today? now? so we detour away from the dance school and photography studio to add just enough gasoline to the car to get us there and back. not a second or drop to spare!

as we pull up on the street alongside of the photography studio, we see a wave of pastel tulle and sparkly fluff coming down the sidewalk! hooray! we made it! now get inside and jump in this tutu!

all is well until i'm putting on allison's costume and look at her arms. the little ballerina still has a rub-on tattoo on each forearm from last week's kids festival at chick-fil-a. right smack dab in front in the middle.

"allison!" says miss beth, "come on! get in the front row and hold your arms like this....(like you're holding a heart in front of you)"

i shamefully hang my head down low, and look to all the other mommies who have so diligently applied light make-up to their ballerinas and combed, polished and glittered their hair saying, "i'm so sorry. i'm so sorry." because my little girl looks like the meanest ballerina on the block with her two fairy tattoos front & center.

is there a fairy godmother in this story? you bet. and her name is photoshop. thank you for photo editing software!! not just on my on behalf... but for all those other well-prepared mommies and well-polished ballerinas in our class. your group picture has been rescued!

but hey, i have to admit - allison's spit shine & polish didn't turn out half bad. bless her little heart.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


this just about sums up how we all feel around here.

the girl's new cuddle buddy.

Friday, May 6, 2011

it is finished

on day 4 it started with a box, some cokes, popcorn and bubble gum and it ended up looking like this:

on day 5, a simple glass carafe, tissue paper and jelly candies did the trick.

and then it was done. mission: teacher appreciation week was completed. one year down. twelve to go.....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

baby steps

zach got his stitches out and moved up to an aircast that allows him to bear a little weight with the crutches! i'm sure it's a lot easier than holding his foot up and having to hop along. though, allison has enjoyed hopping around on one foot declaring her foot hurts when she wants some attention, too.

so, while allison & i are patiently waiting ona prescription for zach at the local drug store, we whiz around the aisles to see if there is anything at all that i can snag for the next couple days of teacher appreciation week?

new displays of cute, summer items are partially out in one aisle. do i see a sale? yes! grab a 2 for $10 deal. nuts on sale 3 cans for $10? that will work too. great! teacher appreciation days 2 & 3, pain killers for zach..... all in one swoop. maybe we'll get through this week after all.

teacher appreciation day #2

teacher appreciation day #3

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


wow! has this week snuck up on me.

two days ago I realized I had a week's worth of bible study homework to do. no problem! i'll just divide and conquer. half one day. half the next. well, two days went by and I showed up at bible study tonight with an empty notebook and a lot of blank paper. but the best intentions.

three days ago, I finally pulled out Davis' school folder to sign all papers and get ready for the upcoming week. new calendar. new month. first week BOLDLY states, "Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!!" oh snap. here I was, the night before the "big week" I had searched and jogged ideas of what to take each day for our two favorite teachers. but all those lists and great ideas were a month ago. old news. history. now, i had two kids to clothe and feed, a husband to bandage and chauffeur, a dog to walk, neighbors' kids to watch, suitcases to unpack, a house to clean, mountains of laundry & dishes to tackle and dinner to fix. now, I'm asking, "when did Teacher's Appreciation Day change to a Week?!!" and "how am I going to pull this together?!" we have no teacher's gifts. we have no money! all we have is a stack of bills waiting to be paid in US dollars and Great Britain pounds. sweet mother of abraham lincoln!

dig deep. there's got to be something. anything.

so as I'm spinning around the house in a panic attack, all I see are eggs. easter eggs. chocolate eggs. marshmallow eggs. eggs. eggs. eggs. how can I get away with giving our teachers some of the leftover chocolate from easter? am I REALLY about to do this? oh yes i am. and i promise to try and make it up to them tuesday through friday.

so after grabbing:

1. brown, lunch bags
2. kebob sticks
3. christmas ribbon
4. left over gift bag filler
5. chocolate eggs

we had Day 1 of Teacher Appreciation Week. phew.