Wednesday, April 8, 2009


spring is always a time of renewal for me. new landscaping, newly cleaned house, new crisp sheets on bed, new sunny weather, new longer hours in the day. new outlook.

so far this spring has brought two new crouching tigers, hidden dragons to our house. two crouching, pinching, hitting, whining, biting, pushing, running, wrestling, crying, stomping, spitting, hidden little dragons. who just happen to still be on a sugar-overload from Granmom-the-Great's birthday festivities this weekend.

the kids really aren't this bad. but i am constantly amazed at how quickly a good mood can go sour. then the trickle down effect takes place and immediately spreads to happy kid no. 2.

just today i really noticed how allison is no longer our little baby. gone are the chubby little legs. hello, skinny, bony-legged knees. gone is the little baby belly. hello, skinny long torso. gone is the little quiet and content baby. hello, non-stop running toddler. as an infant, she was so happy to sit in someone's (anyone's!) lap for hours. just to watch what was going on. now? she cannot sit. even when everyone else is winding down, she will be twirling and spinning in the middle of the room to her own rhythm.

she is now only a couple inches shorter than davis. i used to worry when davis would walk by and hit her as a baby. now its davis who crys out, "awison hit me." i used to worry when davis would try to lay on top of her and smush her. now she laughs and smushes back. when i see him pinning her down, i just keep walking by. the girl can hold her own, if she didn't start the fight already. it always ends the same. davis annoys her to the point of her hitting back. or if its really bad, she will reel him in to bite an arm, back, head (yes, head)....whatever she can sink her teeth into. surprisingly, davis does not retaliate. no hitting, pushing, or biting back. just a cry out to mommy to tell on his little sister.

davis. snuggler and cuddler. last week as he was snuggling in my lap, holding hands, he started playing with my wedding rings. he said, "you have rings like daddy's?" "yes, davis. i have wedding rings like daddy." i loved how he made the small connection to his mommy and daddy. and renewed my vows, love for his daddy and our family in one simple sentence.