Thursday, February 25, 2010


davis is super-excited about the possibility of going to school in the fall. i just hope the office of school readiness has sympathy on us and believes he needs to go too. what i want to know is how do they determine who needs the program or not? is for the gifted, exceptional children? is it for children who may be behind their age group?

of course, i will tell you my davis is beyond exceptional and extremely gifted! duh. but, do i worry he may behind other kids who will be in his same class because his summer birthday will make him one of the youngest in the class compared to their fall birthdays? you bet. not to mention that he's a lefty. most lefties do not have the most legible penmanship. zach's handwriting leaves room for improvement at times. does this wave a red-flag in my ever-loving infatuation with perfect script and handwriting analysis? does this freak out the mom who used to make rough draft lists for her lists? do i worry because davis tells me he can't color, doesn't know how, doesn't like to color, and his younger sister can color in between the lines but he doesn't care to take the time to try? can this really be MY child? yes, yes and yes. omg! maybe we need a little, family history lesson. i do have hope!!! this is the child who chose to color himself instead of the paper, walls and carpet with sharpie marker! oh, the light at the end of the tunnel of colorless questions!

then there is allison. according to our current school requirements, she will be two years behind davis in school because she wasn't born four days earlier. are you kidding me? had i know this the weekend before she was born, i would have never left the hospital when they said i was have false contractions. fifteen months apart and they will be twenty-four months apart academically. had davis been born in may and allison in august, then they would be one year behind the other. but no, no, no. no! this is not right in my world. (no room for your comments here, thank you.) this is like taking twins and putting them in separate grades. this is like taking candy from a baby. this is like we are the world without michael jackson and dionne warwick. this is like chick-fil-a without the chicken sandwich. this is like, i don't know.... ALL WRONG.

well. complaining about it isn't going to get me very far. but it sure does feel good to blow it out. now my overdramatic rant has me craving some dramatic soundtrack music. thank you ewan! so davis, if you're reading this one day: "you are a superstar in my book. and i am thrilled that you are so excited about going to school as soon as you can, a lover of books, born rockstar, tenderheart carebear, and 3 year old olympian hopeful... you go, bud!"

-supercheese! was taken at bobo's house on superbowl night-
-omg! - oh my gosh!/oh my goodness!/oh my god in our non-texting readers.-

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

trogdonese 101

bill cosby had it right from the beginning. kids say the darndest things. everyday is a new saying, word, meaning or excuse under our roof. i have been meaning to add their vernacular and translations to the website for a while. but our lunch today outside reminded me to do it soon or i will forget all the silly sayings.

allison dropped her plate off the picnic table and her lunch fell
partly on the deck and partly off the deck. when i came out and asked, "what happened to allison's grapes?" allison answered, "um, nothing?" translation: i don't know. davis answered, "it was magic." translation: i know what happened, but i'm not gonna tell and risk getting in trouble.

allison singing songs from annie:
it's a not hard life for us.
tomorrow! tomorrow! bet your dolly's bottom. tomorrow!

allison singing baa baa black sheep:
baa baa black sheep
have you any wool
yes sir, yes sir three bags four.
one for the master, one for the day......
(skip to) baa baa black sheep have you any wool?
yes sir, yes sir three bags four.

allison's answer to most questions: "uh, nothing." "uh, nowhere." "um, no one."
translation: i don't know.

driving in the car passing pasture or lawns recently fertilized with manure.
davis: " i think darby took a steamy dump."

and as of ten seconds ago, davis asks me to "hey, leave." the room before he gets in bed for his nap. i told him i would shut the door as soon as he climbed in bed. he slowly lifts his arm to reveal the noisiest toy in the house, his "grill" (drill), that he is trying to sneak into bed with him during our designated quiet time. nice.

my all-time personal favorite?
allison adding "ie" at the end of everything - i.e. milkie, soapie, cupie, it is.......zachie
makes us giggle every single time.

the pictures added today are from many yesterdays ago. more like yesteryear. these were taken the day we went to ride the train in charlotte to see santa. the train was a hit. santa was not. as soon as allison saw santa's grand display in the mall, she clings to her dad and immediately insists that it's time to go home. now! on the other hand, davis would only walk up to santa holding my hand and whisper to him his christmas list from 3 feet away. however, running up and down the train station stairs and dancing on the platform were the kids' highlights of the day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

oh beautiful for spacious skies

and warm afternoons outside!

everyone is a little sun-kissed today after spending the day hiking with the martins: stella, jasmine, christie and mathew. davis and allison jumped out of bed this morning asking, "is it time to go hiking yet?", "where's stella & jasmine?" all the kids did great except allison who said she was dizzy and grumpy the whole walk. (the two words she substitutes for tired.) the only way I could get her to keep going was to say we could go back (to the parking lot and car) or keep hiking to go see the chickens. she went for the chickens. on the way back I offered to take her back to the farm with the chickens or we could walk back to car to go to jasmine & stella's house. she opted for jasmine & stella's house. although she did break me down on a couple of hills and get me to carry her.

davis, stella and darby could have all lapped us twice blazing the trail ahead of us and back and forth again. stella taught us not to put our fingers on the chicken wire, that chickens are always looking for food, and gloves do not beak-proof. no blood shed, just a few tears and frightened circles run around the coop. precious stella, we apologize for laughing at your expense.

however, i will not apologize for sharing this story:
back at the martin ranch, the kids were getting ready to eat dinner and claiming their seats at the kids' table (which has two purple chairs and two winnie-the-pooh chairs). davis and stella yell, "I Want To Sit In Poo....(h)!" each time we would tell them to take their seats.

davis and stella reflect on the simple life.

allison and davis touch up on the history of farming.

jasmine and allison hide in the sewing room.

four little wranglers

Friday, February 19, 2010

i heart mac

our newest little bundle is finally here! now only to learn how to use it.

an apple today is much different than first computer in elementary school was an apple iie. my my my how the times have changed. i remember the screen only had two colors to it - green and black. and my one and only game to play on it was the oregon trail. however, it was a cute little computer then too.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

songs in my head

where o' where has my little blog gone?
o' where o' where could it be?

well, i'll tell ya - it's on its way to boiling springs in a Fed Ex truck. yippee! not the blog specifically, but our nice, new, tidy mac all-in-one-machine. oh the speed! oh the memory! oh the non-viral computer! oh the new printer and wireless everything! oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! christmas has come again. can you tell i'm just a little wee-bit excited?

i'm backed up on photos to share, and allison's been (literally) backed up. davis has grown up beyond description in the past months into a caring and doting big brother. quite the basketball player, now. and quite the thinker. he remembers that he specifically asked Santa for a black train for christmas instead of the train table he was given. he suggests that Santa made a mistake and will bring him the right, "black train from the magazine" next year. and allison can have his other train. so generous, right? i keep telling myself that instead of admitting the reality.

everyday is either valentine's day or someone's birthday according to allison. it just depends on which drawer she is going through and which gift she stumbles upon. then, it's a shout out "happy birthday mommy!" or "happy valentine's day darby!" too cute.

however i feel i need to shout, "happy new year to all you readers!"....those of you still out there..... can you believe we are already one sixth through 2010? makes me want to sing a new verse to the little diddy above: where o' where has the time & year gone?