Tuesday, June 27, 2006

mini me - more like mini z...

Davis is, no doubt, Zach's son. In so many ways.....

He eats all the time. Just after I think he's full, he'll turn around and want to eat more. I bet he sees Zach doing the same thing. After dinner, Zach gets up to see if there is anything else in the cabinets that should have made it to his plate. On the weekends, the doors to the pantry stay open all the time. No need to close them, Zach searches for new food to apparate in the cabinets every 10 minutes.

Despite my sleep deprivation, Davis is doing great and pushing 9 lbs now. A pudge boy now, he doesn't look like the same baby we met for the first time three weeks ago. Davis Heffernan Trogdon is his new alias.

Even though Davis is packing on the lbs, and Zach rarely seems to gain weight - Davis looks more and more like Zach everyday. From his head to his toes. Everything he has it looks as if he got from Zach. We are all still waiting on the eye color though. All of Zach's family is pulling for brown eyes. (They all have blue.) All of my family is hoping for blue eyes. (All brown and green here.) It is the same concept of you want what you don't have. However, seeing as Davis is a miniature version of his dad. I'm starting to hope for brown eyes, too. Then I'll definitely be able to say he got something besides his sense of humor from me. :)

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