Wednesday, August 30, 2006

the happy chair

If you're in the market for a baby gift or perhaps a remedy to your own crying baby, we highly recommend a happy chair. What is a happy chair? Its a bouncer, vibrating seat and babysitter all in one, and all for the reasonable price of $25. Mom found the chair at babiesrus and it's made by Fisher Price "Calming Vibrations" model. We use it all time. In fact, I'm worried we are over-using it. Davis' feet are already sticking over the edge because he's probably out grown the seat. The instructions read that the chair should only be used to a certain weight. I'm sure we've passed the weight limit. But I'd like to go by age. Since our baby is rather big now for his age group. As you can see Davis really enjoys the happy chair whether its for hanging out, relaxing, sleeping or capturing sweet photographs. On many occasions I've wished someone would make a super-sized happy chair for tired and sore mamas. I'm available to test any prototypes.

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