Thursday, January 25, 2007

how time flies

someone mentioned tonight how big davis looked in the picture below with the coke bottle. and i told them, "oh no, that picture was taken on christmas eve." every day davis is a different boy. he now looks like a real little boy and no longer a baby. he is now the second biggest kid in his daycare class. he is so big that even i find myself wondering why he is not walking yet. then i remind myself that its not quite time yet. he's only eight months old next week. but it is so strange to see children smaller that him feeding themselves solid food and pulling themselves up and walking around the classroom.

here is the differences in 'real little boys' and 'babies'. little boys like to yelp when they want your attention. babies squeak. babies sleep all time. little boys like to head butt you and bounce as you're trying to hold them to put them to sleep. babies have little fat body parts. little boys have little leg, arm and chest muscles that are starting to develop and shape them into a miniature person. the only little fat part on their body, are those hands that try to grab anything and everything with reach or in a parent's hand. a babies cry is a dry aah sound. little boys shoot fat, wet crocodile tears and cry hysterically until you come back to them and pick them up. babies are neat eaters. little boys like to play with their food and blow bubbles in the spoon and grab the food with their hands and then put their hands on their head. thus leaving sticky gobs of sticky green or orange goo in their hair.

though he's not walking or sitting up yet. davis is a pro at supporting his own weight and holding on to the crib to stand up. yes, we do have to help him stand up first. but then he hangs out there just fine.

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JoAnne said...

Hi! Davis is growing so fast and he is so cute. His eyes shine so bright and his smile lights up the room. You are very blessed to have such a happy little one.

Please give him a hug from me.

"Miss JoAnne" :)