Tuesday, March 13, 2007

blog slacker.

please no grudges or bad feelings. but we have great excuses for being blog slackers. so, yes, to confirm our last post below, davis will be a big brother! little trogdon #2 is scheduled to arrive in september 2007. are we crazy? yes. out of our mind? delusional? exhausted? overwhelmed? excited? shocked? dazed? and confused? yes, yes, yes, yes....all of the above. but unlike some poor, young celebrities we have not resorted to shaving our heads or institutionalizing ourselves again, again and yet again. please pray for us - for energy and sanity.

like all new parents, we can't brag enough about our golden child. davis is truly delightful and just plain, pure joy. (95% of the time.) do our heads and hearts swell when others tell us how cute and how good he is? you bet. i'm starting to wonder if there is a unwritten parent code. tell other parents how cute and sweet their babies are. even if you are thinking in between sentences that "your kid is still cuter, smarter and has a better personality....you are so lucky to be blessed with this child." is this natural? or am I a horrible person for thinking my child out-cutes, out-sweets, and out-smiles all others. but if I didn't, then what kind of mother and supporter would I be? competitive, I am not. I could care less is davis is talking, crawling, walking, transitioning to non-jarred, non-pureed food or not. every child develops in their own time. that's fine. davis is still perfect to me.

so what is davis up to these days? well, this week we are working on picking his bracket for the men's tournament. such an optimist, he is picking all the lower seeds for some pretty major upsets. that's right davis, root for the underdogs. let's go jackson state, illinois and ga tech. he still needs to pick the last part of his bracket. we'll let you know who his final pick is. who knows? both zach and i were out after the first two rounds last year. maybe, he has a gift. but I wouldn't pull out your wallets just yet.

davis loves his dad. and he loves saying da-da-da-da-da-da all the time. we still get a few grunts, growls and roars. and even the occasional ra-ra or bla-bla-bla. zach tries to play it off as though davis is saying da-da-da for darby. cute. but not so. our front door has a squeak and every time zach opens the door, davis will freeze and turn. who's coming in? is that my dad? big grin. happy child. bounce, bounce, bounce. davis really likes to bounce. that's our signal that he is very happy. content? then it's just a rock. back and forth. back and forth. davis has great rhythm.

alright, alright. here's the picture of the peanut. enjoy!

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