Friday, April 6, 2007

my what big ears you have

they say babies don't like santa clause or other costumed critters. but neither santa nor the easter bunny seemed to bother davis. but this silly rabbit forgot to give davis a bag of candy from his bowl after he was done. age discrimination i guess. doesn't that bunny know we're putting easter candy in davis' basket just so we can enjoy it? we are finally enjoying a LONG weekend for the easter holiday. however today has gone by too fast already. and davis' basket still looks half empty. i wish now more than ever that these holiday heroes were real. how wonderful it would be if there really was a magic rabbit that would come by and fill our son's basket with bright, colorful treats! and those poor gifts and surprises are no longer in the picture for them.

we will find out if it's a brother or sister for davis at the end of this month. and then the planning can begin! planning? or purchasing? i know they'll be in the same room no matter what. i guess i'm just waiting to find out if most things can still be blue or do we need to add more greens, yellows and pink to the picture. people ask if i'd prefer a boy or a girl? and really, i don't have a preference. i'm just ready to know.

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