Thursday, June 28, 2007

that curious monkey

not george, but davis. he is attempting to climb on everything: sofas, chairs, step ladders, plastic storage crates, you name it.

last weekend we painted one of the bathrooms. and as curious and helpful as ever, davis wanted to lend a hand and a couple of legs. after joining forces to switch back and forth with either taping the bathroom, painting and watching davis - zach and i finally got the bathroom done. well, mainly zach got the bathroom painted. a one year old does come in handy when it's time to pick up all the tape thrown on the floor after unveiling zach's masterpiece.

davis isn't walking yet. but he's a pro at navigating the walker all through the house and working on the one-handed teeter. he loves to sit in his chair, but of course, not in the conventional manner. instead, he climbs aboard sits on the top edge of the chair and puts his feet in the seat of the chair. making sure our nerves are in check every so often. more often than so.

have a great 4th of july! we're hoping rio is over his firework phobia this year. or for no neighborhood fireworks at all.

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