Tuesday, August 7, 2007

snip snip

gone are the curls. gone are the waves. gone are the bangs. and gone is the bathtime mullet. davis had his first haircut today, which was surprisingly easy for all persons involved. i guess we were hoping for the best and expecting the worst. but davis like sitting in the chair and wearing the busy and colorful drape. he liked holding the electric clippers. there were no tears, very little squirms and fussing altogether. i think what he enjoyed most was all the attention at one time from me, zach and the hairdresser. and there we all were ready to jump on command if a fit was to happen.

i take that back - what he like most was the hairdryer. see picture below.

he's also off and walking now. quickly transistioning from a very thoughtful wobble or a steady walk with the one finger hold on someone else to even a quick, yet unsteady quick-step with a forward lean. (imagine he has someone or something to catch the fall just a few steps ahead of him.) many nights he walks laps around the chair and ottoman in the living room. its so nice he can easily entertain himself. especially for a very, pregnant mama.

like always, i'm sorry its been so long since the last post. unfortunately, i guess that's the norm that you can expect from this end. the good news is.....we'll have pictures of the newest member of the family to post in the very near future. and i hope more than anyone that those posts will be sooner rather than later.

davis says my time is up.....its off to bathtime!

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