Tuesday, October 30, 2007

skunk on parade!

happy halloween everybody! i'm not even going to look at the date of my last post. because i know it was a long long time ago. well, here is a preview of what tonight is going to bring. though, davis will not be trick-or-treating. neither he nor we need the candy and empty calories. but you know!!!! i can not resist dressing the kids up in the darn cutest costumes. even if they hate me for it later.

davis actually gets a kick out of dressing up. (obviously.) and he loves to check himself out in the mirror. after we distribute yummy candy bars to our neighborhood kids, we will be heading over to our friends house for the annual halloween buffet. it will be a bittersweet night, because: 1. it will be the last year for the get together because the hosts will be moving and 2. they are moving to summerville, sc!

davis and allison are doing really well. and these pictures say it perfectly, our house definitely feels like a zoo. ducks, dogs, lions and skunks. so much going on, i don't even want to write about it because it will tire me out.

well here are more pictures of the little stinker.

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Alysia said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!
That outfit could not be more perfect...leave it to you, Steph.