Sunday, January 6, 2008

wolfgang amadavis trogdon

what great form. davis is already practicing for his turn in the spotlight. zach had "tivo-ed" a coldplay concert on austin city limits a year ago in hopes that it would help davis to settle down when it came time to try and get him to bed. davis took to the group so much we now have 4 or 5 different coldplay programs recorded and saved.

now, however, instead of calming the boy down. these shows rev him up. as soon as the music begins, he immediately begins dancing around the den with a little hop/step, hop/step, wave the arms jig. he'll even clap with the audience after a performance.

santa brought davis a electronic keyboard for christmas which we have laid out on the entertainment console under the tv. tonight zach caught davis setting up his own little stage and piano by pushing the ottoman over to his keyboard and standing on the ottoman to play along with chris martin. just wait. he'll be touring in a town near you in 2032.

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