Sunday, February 24, 2008

beauty and the beast

"argh ha!ha!ha!" davis laughs. he is the silliest little boy in the world. he loves to say, "cheeeeze!" with the toothiest grin on his face. pull out the camera and he's already posing. in this picture we told him he could go crazy.

davis loves allison. he wants to check on her first thing in the morning and talk to her all through out the day. last week, i had to take him out of daycare in the middle of the day to go get his followup to his flu shot. because i always pick up allison first at the end of the day, he knew something was missing and headed straight for the infant room. we checked in on little sister and then the two of us started for the door. not okay. davis screamed and reached for the swing that allison was in. all the way to the doctor's office he cried as if we were leaving allison behind for good.

but as much as he loves his little sister, we think she loves him more. no one can make her light up or laugh like big brother davis. she hears him come in the room and beams. "so what if he hits me a few times here and there. i actually like it when he bounces my chair too hard. he'll get his turn. i'm not THAT far behind...."

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