Tuesday, April 8, 2008


alright, alright...my last post date slapped me right in the face as i logged on to place some new pictures. looks like 'some' needs to be 'more than some' now. so tonight, i'll try my best to catch up.

allison and davis are both growing like little beanstalks. allison's legs drape over her car seat already. davis seems to be an entire headlength taller as he clearly can see over the bed without having to pull up on the mattress. i swear it wasn't that long ago when we only saw the top of his head in the mornings as he scampered into our room. now, he has 100% clearance and his shoulders meet the top of the mattress. as big as he thinks he is, he still begs for his pacifier a lot of the time. not so tough after all. i can't come to terms with the fact he will be two in less than two months. then, i gasp at the thought of allison being one year old just three short months after that. zach's probably in denial or at least trying to conceive a way to reverse time so allison doesn't get bigger. he would be happy if she stayed like this forever.

we are extremely blessed to have two good kids. davis was an easy baby. allison has set the bar even higher. i never thought this would be the case last august when she was giving me a heck of a time that last month of pregnancy. lucky us. (truly.) don't get me wrong. we do have those days that whining seems to be the only background music. but its the times davis voluntarily runs to hug allison and play with her in the exersaucer that makes it worth having the two so close together - without a doubt. or just to hear her squeal with delight when she hears davis barge into the room. tonight she stood straight up in zach's lap trying to find exactly where davis was when he came in from outside. too cute. sometimes we worry that he may have popped her in the face, arm, head a little too hard, but allison laughs it off with a look of 'i can't wait for the day when i can hit you back.' thatagirl.

okay, so here is a rundown of the pictures:

- you will see davis in his new camp chair relaxing. then, he will get too comfortable.
- davis (again) trying to look cool with his shades on. unfortunately, the pacifier reverses this.
- davis practicing for world cup soccer
- allison just being cute as always
- allison entertaining the idea of sitting in the easter bunny's lap
- davis wanting nothing to do with the easter bunny
- allison prefers to be in daddy's arms vs. the easter bunny's lap
- davis prefers the easter bunny to leave altogether so he can have the rocking chair

enjoy the pictures!

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