Monday, August 4, 2008

102 and holding

i logged in to upload some pictures taken some (unmentioned) time ago, and the blog tells me this is the 102nd post. had i known when i reached 100, maybe we would have had a 100th episode special, look-back and cake like they do for tv shows. no, instead we get pictures that should have been uploaded a hundred and two years ago. 102. makes it sound like i post a lot more than i do.

i have learned in a perfect world, girls would be the first born, and then the boys would be next. why do you ask? because all of our pictures of davis show the cutest little boy with the most perfect complexion. then came allison. i am reluctant to pull out the camera as much with her, because thanks to her brother, there is always a scratch, bump or bruise on that sweet little face. however, she's a tough little cookie. rolling with the punches and looking forward to her day in the ring.

allison is taking her first steps at 11 months. she likes to hold her arms straight up above her head for balance instead of straight out like the frankenstein walk. she finds her own way to do things. just this weekend zach found her sitting on the floor in the middle of the room instead of in her crib after waking up from a nap. i like to imagine her crawling over the crib and shimmying down the rails in her own version of mission impossible. "that's my girl! nothing can stand in your way."

davis talks more and more everyday, but still refuses to try "allison." all his friends at school have mastered it, but when you ask him his sister's name. he thinks and says (again)...."bay-beh." sometimes you can even hear, "the bay-beh" if you listen close enough. quite the athlete, he's taken to playing basketball. he loves to run up and down the court, carrying the ball, and trying to shoot. he thinks he is such a big boy.

so much for words, here are some pictures.

update: sorry folks, no pictures tonight. the site tells me its due to internal error and please try again. well, i've tried five times and no luck. i will try to upload them to flickr instead. try clicking the photo gallery to see if i was successful.

as davis says, "nyh-nyhte."

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