Monday, November 9, 2009


so stinking tired right now. stayed up last night to organize my coupons for harris teeter's triple coupon week until tomorrow. packed up the kids for a trip to ht, walked around the store 3+ times.

first trip- let davis and allison push the little buggies to pick up "light groceries" for their carts.

second trip - switched all of D and A's groceries and traded up for the double buggy XL race car cart. such a love/hate relationship. they are great for pushing around two kids in the store, but impossible to drive and NOT bump into the aisles.

third trip - while standing next in line at the cashier, i realize my debit card and pile of coupons that i REALLY wanted to use are at home. back around the aisles to put BACK everything i just spent the last 1 1/2 to 2 hours picking out while directing 2 miniature drivers. ARGHH.

and you all know, that 1 trip around the grocery store really equals two when you have little passengers with you. either you skip aisles you need or walk right past items on your list. not a fun day. thank goodness for the little extra cash in the wallet to buy the kids their strawberry milks and clams for tonight's dinner. or all three of us would really be ill.

davis decided he doesn't want to nap today although he is walking around with his EYES WIDE SHUT. poor guy.

THIS is why i don't get to regularly post to the blog like a good little blogger should.

and yes, stay at home moms have LONG mondays too.

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