Monday, December 21, 2009



cherubs. sweet little darlings. angels. precious. your children are soooooo cute. many of the phrases i hear from random people, people i know and even myself sometimes. but not today. i feel a little guilty sitting at my computer for the first time is ages and writing about my little house of horrors today. oh well, so be it.

we start the day great. our usual routine.....breakfast, dress, book, game, etc. but today i NEEDED to send out our christmas cards FIRST THING! PRONTO! NO EXCEPTIONS! so i try to review the morning's agenda before we set out on our outing. first stop = post office. second stop (if you're good at the uspo) = treat. third stop = play in the snow at gardner-webb. review the rules. "listen to mommy. follow directions. no hitting, spitting, pushing, fighting, yelling, etc." everybody in the car, even darby. okay we are on our way.

we're doing great until it's time to leave the post office. allison wants bubbles. bubbles are hand sanitizer. and i like that the post office keeps a bottle at every cashier..........until today. the bottle at our register is empty. allison throws a fit. falls on floor. mom tries to retrieve bottle at next counter. allison wants empty, purple bottle of bubbles. it's time to go. allison continues to throw fit and yanked down the vertical blinds at the door. (this is where i literally had to catch my breath.) i may have just walked out the door without her if this wasn't the one day when the smallest post office in north carolina wasn't packed full of people. where did they come from? they weren't there when we walked in? so yes, i was the mom that people just stared at as if i was octomom. i'm sure they were thinking, "what are you doing in public with more children than you can handle?" sure, as soon as we get out the door and start loading up into our car, both allison and davis turn to me without being qued and say, "I want to say I'm sorry mom." i wanted very badly to turn to ALL those staring people and say, "did you hear that?! my kids DO have manners and the CAN be polite and sweet and good!!!!" ... they just don't do it in front of others. except when you give them money to put in the kettles.

next year will can there be a salvation army kettle at the post office please?

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Bobbi said...

Well, Stephanie, sounds like a normal day in the life of a "normal" mother with "normal" children. People that act like they have never seen a child throw a fit have either forgotten their children did the very same thing or their children were NOT normal. And besides, who wouldn't want the purple bubbles? At Christmas time, how many adults wish they could just throw a fit with all the stress that goes with the season? At least you mailed Christmas cards. Some of us didn't even get that done. Your children are beautiful as always, but growing up too fast. Take care..