Thursday, May 13, 2010

of sound mind of our inner madman

around here, we are always marching to the beat of our own drummer. can't hardly carry on a conversation because the kids are going in different directions, interrupting conversations or talking/singing/screaming above normal levels. oh my ears. oh my brain. sometimes i feel like i'm constantly standing up after doing a couple rotations on the dizzy bat race trying to get my bearings and direction. (especially in public.) or constantly saying to myself, "which way did they go? which way did they go?" is that an original scooby saying? i can't even remember where that phrase came from right now! good thing is, don't really care either.

but, one thing is for sure. i love the kids' different personalities and humor in their own uniqueness. take for instance davis. my only child with a head of hair capable of playing with. and he'll let me do so without complaining. often laughing at his own silly hairdos. and allison. she is always so proud of her independence and initiative. i ask her to put on her clothes, she wants to do it herself! go potty? she says, "give me privacy!" always the jibber-jabber self-entertainer. for instance you will see.....after putting one of her, previously mentioned, princess dresses, i asked her to go put on her socks and shoes for church.

and this is what came back........................

one of davis' blue socks and one of davis' old white socks. BUT! she was so proud that she did it all by herself. did i let her go to church like that? you bet! there's plenty of time later to teach her what fashions are appropriate for church and what aren't. i couldn't deflate that lovely spirit!

rasta' davis............

- it takes courage to grow up and become someone you really are - e.e.cummings

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