Monday, July 12, 2010

don't have a cow

but, she did. allison does not like this brown dress. even if it was part of her cow costume. no, she wanted to wear a hannah montana dress that is several sizes too big. landry passed the dress on to her. i don't even think allison knows who/what hannah montana is. (this is a good thing.) i don't even think hannah montana will be a big deal by the time allison grows into this dress. (this is a great thing!) i think it's more of the fact landry gave it to her. and allison wants to be like landry. so, allison had a cow on cow appreciation day. she wouldn't even look at the camera. at all.

so, you get a cute picture of davis the happy brown cow.

p.s. - this is why allison is crazy about landry.............

landry gave allison her old make-up vanity. it sings. it plays music it has a microphone brush and star chair to sit in. a back light. it's light enough to be moved from room to room without parental help. and finally, allison has a mirror that is just her height. now to re-hide all my makeup.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures, Stephanie! Is there anything Allison can't do?
Love the music too!