Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cream and sugar please

there's something about watching a child enjoy an ice cream cone. pure delight. pure contentment. pure simplicity.

davis bites into his ice cream from the top to the cone. it takes only a few bites for him to give the cone a flat top. then he inserts the entire circular rim in his mouth and sucks. like he is sucking the marrow out of life.

allison is more deliberate. savoring every little bite being especially careful not to drop one little morsel. she also adds commentary between bites. "mmmm.", "ice cream is cold." or "ice cream is good." of course i forgot her usual statement for anything she takes a liking to..."i love ice cream, mommy. do you love ice cream?" (it's not unlike her to insert spiders, tigers, doggies or puppies in the blank either.)

back to the cold stuff. davis finishes his ice cream with sticky hands and a chocolate goatee. allison might have a little freckle of ice cream or chocolate above her lip upon completion. otherwise, no sign of ice cream in sight.

here's a little video from a few weeks ago:

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