Wednesday, March 2, 2011

fun in a box: revisited.

these things are fun and fun is good. - dr. seuss

today is dr. seuss' 107 birthday. well, if he lived to be 107. and when your child(ren) enters school, you learn that it's not just a celebration day, but a week. read across america week falls on the first week of march. and across america the schools are celebrating! i'm not sure if i have ever seen so much food coloring or considered using so much food coloring in my own kitchen. excuse me, my new seussical kitchen. red and white hats. thing one & thing two's blue hair. green eggs. green grinch. red fish, blue fish. the yellow lorax. pink and purple spirals. mr. brown. wockets. pockets. nink's in my sink. it's a never-ending story for playing with your food.

here are some cupcakes we made for davis's class and allison's playgroup today:

they kind of remind me of two little things of the past.

back to the cupcakes. feel free to copy. it would be wrong if you didn't. kids deserve cupcakes. you deserve to watch their excitement over these cupcakes. however i do have one warning (or two!):

1. do NOT put the cotton candy on until 1 (no more than 2!) hours before you are ready to serve. if you do not follow my advice, you will be left with drippy, blue, granulated sugar on top of your "once cute" cupcake.
2. i am not responsible for the ridiculous amount of sugar contained in this cupcake.

special playgroup delivery!

four hour sugar high.

walking home from school.

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