Saturday, January 7, 2012

inflation, our new reality.

it all started with an innocent game of father-son-daughter frisbee the day after christmas.  it ended with a wailing 5 year old, a loose tooth and a little bit of blood.  two and half weeks later, a little wiggling goes a long way.

the tooth fairy will be making her first visit to the trogdon home tonight.

last month at davis's class christmas party, one of his classmates told me he had just lost his first tooth.  'did the tooth fairy come to visit you?' i asked....oh yes was the reply.  then i made the mistake of asking what did the tooth fairy leave you?.....'twenty dollars.' was his reply.

what!  who are your parents? and what is their number?  i would like to know exactly who is to blame for ridiculously inflating the cost of these little pieces of calcium.

how many teeth does one child loose?  multiplied by $20 each....that will come out to about a $400 nest egg for buying more cavity filling, sticky, messy, sugary goodies.

so i dare ask davis how much he thinks the tooth fairy will give him.  his answer?  fifteen.

fifteen what dollars or cents?


sigh of relief.  my son has very low expectations.  maybe we can handle this teeth financial plan after all, exceed his expectations and make a little toothless wonder very happy.

p.s. - allison insisted the tooth fairy not to come in our house until i told her the tooth fairy was the same size of her friend, tinkerbell.

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