Monday, September 17, 2012

sprouting up.

okay, when did this happen?  do you see that sticker on allison that says she's 5 years old?  do you agree with me that she could pass for seven or eight in that picture?  my past, present and future flashes before my eyes.  by my sleep deprivation and exhaustion, I know all this to be true.  but my heart and mind are having a hard time catching up.

allison is five and started kindergarten.  she's the youngest and maybe one of the brightest in her class.  at least she thinks so.  and you will not hear me or zach tell her differently.

davis started first grade and lead us straight to the cub scout registration table.  not sure i'm ready for that jump either but how can i hold him back from something that would be fantastic for him that he is super excited about?  be prepared?  now that's funny.  prepared to accept chaos and whirling out the door is now normal? backpacks, papers, diapers and blankets flying.   prepared to accepted we will never again be prepared for anything in our schedule until last minute?  maybe this boy scout motto isn't such a bad thing.  maybe this mom could use a little more preparation in my life too.

be prepared to never be prepared again.
be prepared to watch your children grow overnight.  just add water.
be prepared to to be out-numbered.
be prepared to realize they are quickly becoming smarter than you are...and faster too.
be prepared to learn that hugging them tighter doesn't slow down this growing up process.

james is, quite frankly, the happiest baby on the block.  since he's the only baby on the block, this is a true statement.

they are my sunshine.

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