Tuesday, October 31, 2006

boo. quack. aww.

has it really been that long since we posted anything? just today i was thinking how fast time is flying by. i mean, really, two more days until november. two more months until 2007. it will no longer be davis' year that he was born. the year of the dog. on a chinese calendar of course. how appropriate. "the year of the dog." or as i'm sure darby and rio would like to think..."the year of the dogs." thank goodness 2006 wasn't the year of the snake, or worse, the rat. ick.

well, i squeaked by five months of having a child who didn't spit up too badly. until tonight. the glamour of being a mom just got knocked down another couple notches. mom glamour? obviously, that's a joke. my daily hairstyle is wash, blow dry and ponytail. shoot, some days it's straight from wash to ponytail. the blow drying part is a luxury. even makeup doesn't get applied until after we have made the drop-off at daycare. anyway, tonight davis and i cozied up for his last bottle before bedtime. everything was great as usual until this hacking cough came from deep down inside. hack. hack. hack. and up it came. the biggest formula based lugey ever. right into my lap of nice clean pajamas. so what did i do? i waited. i just quietly sat there for a moment for the grossness to sink into my clothes and the realization of one, make that two, more things to clean up to sink in to my head. there was not a burpcloth or towel within arm's reach. and i knew if i stood up too quickly, the spit up would run off me and davis, and then i would have to clean the rug and the furniture of this goo also. so in my most un-glamourous moment yet, davis and i looked at each other in question. he questioned if i was going to do something about the mess and clean us both up. and i wondered if there was perhaps a second round of projectile white slime coming my way.

despite the 1% of the time (as mentioned above) that davis is being a gross boy, he is all snuggly soft and sweet the other 99% of the time. he loves to melt into you when you hold him. that makes it so hard to sit him down and not hold him all. the. time. not to mention that you're trying to make up for the nine hours lost to daycare. (which he loves! we are so blessed to have such great people caring for him during the day.) still, i wish i could put a scratch n' sniff button on your screen so you too could smell his sweetness, or even feel his soft huggable-ness and warm bundle of love.

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Kristin Fletcher said...

Davis is quite possibly the cutest baby EVER! Steph, your posts continue to make me grin!
love, kristin fletcher