Wednesday, November 1, 2006

un leon mas feroz

a most fierce lion - or.....maybe not. in fact, it's just the opposite. instead of the fear of a lion wanting to eat you, how can one resist wanting to just eat up this little cutie? davis has even been working on his rrr' sounds in hopes to have a loud ROAR... one day. that, and the desire to be like his mama and perfect the rrrrroll of the spanish tongue. -ha ha- but he has mastered the soft "a" sound like you would say for the doctor when he checks your throat. so eloquent, that child.

and tonight, davis made zach & i the most proud parents ever. he was the absolute best-behaved, most-lovable and easy-going baby! no fussing. no flinching. no squealing, squalling, squinting or even sour looks. just an alert, calm, happy boy. he even went in and out of cat, uhumm - excuse me, "lion cub naps" without a peep. we went to visit with friends for Halloween, trick or treating, passing out candy, jumping out of bushes to scare little kids coming up the walk (how cruel - adults behaving badly.) and late night munchies. the other parents were praising davis about how well adjusted and well behaved he was. as if zach and i really had anything to do with that. it truly is a matter of luck and today our number was called. all i can say is thank you, davis! for making us look like we know what we're doing. we sure fooled them!

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