Tuesday, January 6, 2009

hello new year

hello constant motion. hello constant questions. hello semi-understood babble. hello finger-leading. hello instant messes. hello choking hazards. hello hitting. hello pushing. hello whining. hello timeout. hello tantrums. hello terrible twos x 2.

two kids entering the terrible twos. davis has been gradually entering this stage and allison decided not to be left behind. they are like silent interior tornados. don't turn your back for 30 seconds because you'll never know what they might find and strewn all over their little corner of the house. it could be markers, decks of cards, crayons, wipes, scissors, toilet paper, pens and paper, cds, books, pictures. you name it. if they can get their hands on it for half a minute, it's everywhere.
they are tricky really. one minute they're playing together wonderfully, giggling and laughing. i duck away to quickly start the laundry or finish the dishes. then it gets really quiet. i relish the calmness for about a minute (or more) before i drift back to reality and realize something's up. where are the kids? what are they into? i dash around the house to find them and the storm they have created. i haven't quite figured out how to not trust silence... and to react as soon as it enters our house.
phew! we made it through the holidays. what great fun we had with all our family coming to visit. the kids were spoiled inside out and got so many presents from grandparents, aunts and cousins. davis loved to deliver the presents. and allison loved to open. and they loved every minute inspecting all the new toys, books, noisemakers, clothes, etc. yes, i have already put some of the noisy toys up in the closets to pull out on rainy days or special events. we finally pulled all the decorations down with, suprisingly, no fatalities.
davis is now quite the pious little cherub. very eager to say his prayers and blessings. we're starting to hear new requests for blessings that include shrek, donkey, princess, cat hat, thing two, thing one. but he always remembers his family first.
2006, 2007, 2008 have been very good to us. we welcome 2009 with open arms, eyes and ears. i look forward to what the new year will bring.

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