Friday, January 16, 2009

how to get to sesame street

turn around. take a left. auditorium will be on your right. insanely large mass of little people all around. cars darting for parking spaces. parents jaywalking with young ones. frazzled door guards. busy chatter. kids jumping and clapping, hoping to hurry the line. you have arrived.

elmo, big bird, cookie & the gang.....ready or not, here we come.

davis and allison practice dancing with 'baby elmo' and 'daddy elmo' before leaving for the big show:

the lights dim and out come our favorite friends on sesame street. davis and allison both clap and sing along to the songs. allison likes to point out all the characters to make sure you see them too. davis gives a grand applause for each song. allison decides running up and down the aisles is much more fun. davis decides he still does not like large costumed characters approaching him. even if it is just elmo or cookie monster. allison waves goodbye to elmo and friends. thanks for a great night. see you next time!

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