Wednesday, July 15, 2009

no likey-likey

zach doesn't like this song (chicken fried, zac brown). he tells me everytime he opens the internet. and then he tells me how much one of his friends loves this song (also everytime he opens the internet.)

how can you not like this song? it is appropriate in so many ways:

1. i just realized the first lyrics of the song and the chick-fil-a reference in the last blog is so fitting. that was SO not planned i promise!

2. it's the perfect summer song. how much fun it would be to still have the jeep and ride around with this song playing.

3. i'm from georgia along with those peaches, pecan pies, sweet tea and southern pines.

4. who doesn't like a cold beer on a friday night?

5. and a good pair of levi's?

6. i love, love, love to sing with the radio up.

7. you better like the love in my eyes.

8. i cherish my precious children's touch.

9. i now (really) know a mother's love.

10. hello? the artist shares your name!

11. i could go on and on.....but i'll end with this. it is the smallest things in life that mean the most.

so if you agree, raise your glass and let's have a toast. you know i'm always up for a drink.

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