Monday, July 13, 2009

holy cow

its quiet around here. davis and allison are at bobo's for the week. this morning was the first day waking up in the house without the kids. its so quiet you don't know what to do. but there is also so much to do without the help of four little hands, i don't know where to start.

so, i'll continue to procrastinate and upload our latest pictures from last week's cow appreciation day. what's that? some may ask. well, every year on or near july 10th, chick-fil-a will offer free food to all who dress up wholeheartedly or only halfheartedly like those gosh darn cute cows of theirs. dressed head to toe = free combo meal of your choice. cow print handbag or just a eat more chikin sign = free entree of your choice.

you know me - i'll take any opportunity to dress up. especially for free chick-fil-a......double bonus!

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