Saturday, August 22, 2009


i remember being made fun of once in elementary school because i pronounced naked like neckid. and i think i still pronounce it that way. i don't know. what i do find puzzling now is that most southerners add one if not more syllables to their word pronunciations. most common example? adding y's in the middle of a word. heyelp. bayud. (help. bad.) even my own kids are doing it. miyulk. (milk.) okay, back to the puzzling part. the boy that made fun of me was from the south too. so why did he have such a problem with it?

these days, as i look through pictures to add to this site, i notice that many of them are of my neckid kids. new puzzle: why are my kids always running around without clothes on? well, i've come to a few conclusions.

1. less laundry - foods that kids like always seem to make a mess. spaghetti sauce. macaroni and cheese. peanut butter. jelly. cheetos. pizza. syrup. greasy foods. chicken. pizza. so i've found that i strip my kids down upon sitting at the table. no, i don't want their good clothes to get stained much less have to add them to a laundry pile after eating a meal and find new clothes for them to wear. well, some of you may ask, "how about a bib?" my answer? that's just more pieces of laundry to wash, dry and fold. and it's a whole lot easier for me to hose off my kids after a meal if they are already, well, "neckid."

2. time management - besides not adding more laundry to the pile and the time mentioned above to wash, dry, fold....if i put clothes on my kids before the 15-minute-window of walking out the door, its very likely they will have spilled something on it, taken a dip in a puddle, smeared lotion on the clothes, or better yet, drawn on themselves with sharpie marker. here again, adding more time to our process of getting ready and out the door AND adding more and more laundry.

so after all my puzzles and solutions, i give you... some neckid kids.

(picture above is from davis and allison building a zoo in their room. and the video below speaks for itself. don't forget to pause the music to the right.)

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