Sunday, August 2, 2009

hard of hearing.

we had so much fun tonight, its hard to settle down for bed. congratulations to jackie on her pretty, new gwu diploma. thanks to a graduation party equipped with backyard karaoke, davis is now a microphone hog. sympathies to the person who gets his microphone afterwards. just wipe off the cooties and saliva. he sings as he is trying to get the whole thing in his mouth.

allison is perfectly content with swinging her hips from side to side, dancing for anyone who's watching (or not watching for that matter.) just give the girl a tune.

davis has started conversations with god. he understands that god is in the sky. god can see you, but you can't see god. (except on a cloudy day when the sunshine streams through.) and we also get that god can hear you and you can talk to god. what we are still learning is that god doesn't exactly talk back to you directly. and that you don't have to yell for god to hear you way up there in the clouds.
davis (in the car): daddy, stop the rain.
zach: i can't stop the rain. god stops the rain, or moves the rain.
davis: i see god. over there in the clouds.

davis: can i talk to god?
zach: yes, to can talk to god.
davis: (yelling to the clouds) GGGOOOOOOODDD!?


davis: god can't hear me.
......laugh. chuckle..........
why is it that makes your second child skips stages and just progress naturally and instantaneously? allison didn't crawl, she walked. at 15 months she was doing everything right behind davis at the playground. slides? done. ladders? done. monkey bars? done.
now, it seems as she skipped babbling altogether. i wonder if she's thinking, "i'm ready to talk now. guess i'll use full sentences to get my point across." examples:
i need to wash my hands.
i want blue milk. (2%)
i need something. or i'm looking for something. (when she's trying to procrastinate.)
i want baby juice. (= boxed juice. don't know where that came from, go figure.)
i want my flag bow. no pink bow mommie, flag bow!
daddy's home! daddy's home! dadis! daddy's home.
wait for me mommie. wait for me.
i got to shut the door.
i walk myself.
i need my vitamins.
(and the ever-dreaded...) i pooped mommie. need to change my diaper.
where does the time go? quit changing the batteries and let it slow down a bit.

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