Wednesday, June 9, 2010

to serve, protect and party

it wasn't hard to convince davis to have his party at the fire station this year. he was on board at the first mention of it. and he asked almost daily and weekly if it was time for his party yet. and i was just as excited about the theme to base all the decorations around.... easy peasy!

first came an adorable invitation. then came juice labels and cupcake picks, polka-dot dalmatian dip (thank you, kerri.) add red, yellow and firetruck favor boxes, a presentation from REAL firemen, pizza and your party is a blast! (ha.ha. pun intended.) oh, i promise those cupcakes looked much cuter without the finger pokes and icing swipes through them.

the firemen were so good to us. they let us bring in some ride-on toys for the kids to ride around the entire station and all the bays as if they were racing to put out the fire. and once the lil' firefighters expended a good deal of energy, they showed the kids what firemen will look and sound like in all their gear for a real fire. this can be scary for kids in a scary fire. they even let all the kids get their picture taken driving the truck. we couldn't have asked for a more perfect party. but what made it most fun of all were all the good friends & family who made it so special.

rowan to the rescue!

girls raised in the south? cute, brave and fearless: vivien & madison

here's what the siren sounds like kids.

davis feels the need for speed and a real fire helmet to fit his noggin.

she will be the perfect price is right spokesmodel one day.

all our new junior firefighters.

and of course no party is complete without some sort of party pooper. this award goes to the birthday boy himself for jamming his toes under a door as the party was breaking up. better my kid than someone else's!

toenails might fall off eventually. but all the damaged toes will remain intact!

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