Monday, June 7, 2010

we have the best dog-walker! she and her brother used to ring our bell and ask to take rio & darby for walks and to play when we first moved here. only later, did i learn they were trying to convince their parents they could take care of a dog to get their own. so it was only fair that when we received a new, individually, full-colored business flyer in our mailbox that i inquire more about our neighbor's start-up business. the flyer alone was worth the $2.00 weekly rate she was charging. and we had some back-debt to pay for all those years of free service.

so now, darby has a date twice a week for a 30 minute walk. she is also taking certification courses for being a Safe Sitter at our local hospital. i was never certified. i'm still not. but i have been waiting for this girl to reach baby-sitting age for four years now. and i'm so excited it's here. allison got to be her first trial run at sitting while her parents chaperoned. allison has been asking to go back ever since.

call me if you need a dog-walker or sitter. i will give you her number and sing more of her praises. i'll even let you try to talk to allison and darby if you want to. so impressed with our young friend. she came up with her new venture and business card all on her own.


Aunt Audrey said...

If I were closer I would babysit the kids all the time for free! ;)

davis & allison trogdon said...

Zach, I think its time to move!