Sunday, September 12, 2010

random things

it's not unusual to walk in our house and see something surprising. just today i walked in from having to go back to church to find davis's lost car in his classroom. granted we paid $3.60 for a happy meal in which this car arrived in his possession. but now, it is a prize possession. one to be toted everywhere, slept with and cried about if it is at all....left behind. back to my original point. i walked in to see this........

our sweet derby dog draped in mardi gras beads and duck whistle. i'll give you one hint who it was: not zach and davis was with me. as much as we love our kids and brag about them, we love derby just the same and we are so extremely pleased with the kindness and patience he shows the kids. if they need a step stool? use derby. a wrestling partner? it's derby. an under-the-table veggie eater? derby. someone to be 'it' in a game of tag? derby. baby doll? derby. mannequin? derby. guinea pig? yep, derby. vacuum? derby. napkin? derby. pillow? derby..... derby. derby. derby. a dog of all trades. and (usually) most happy to oblige.

the kids also found a spider. a spider i have never seen before. lucky for the spider, one of the kids' favorite movie is charlotte's web. we're not allowed to kill it. i looked it up. it is supposed to be a harmless garden spider. okay, spider, you'll live for now. but seriously, charlotte's friend is bigger than the width of a brick and it looks like it has a skull tattooed on his back.

now, allison definitely makes our life more interesting. she wakes up the morning of davis's first day of school crying. not crying like the other 9 out of 1o times because she didn't want to wake up, but she cries because "she doesn't want davis to leave her." sweet thing. she had the hardest time of all of us watching davis go off to school. on the walk to school, she was crying because the grass was wet and getting all over her shoes and feet. solution? at that moment? carry her up the grassy hill. later? buy rain boots. now she walks davis to and from school in her rain boots. mind you, grass is dry in afternoon heat of 85 plus degrees. but sweaty boots are still a must. she quickly got over her sadness of davis leaving her for the day after that very, first day. you see, she got to play with all the toys by herself. no one to share them with, take turns with and no threat of having the toys taken away.

this is what i saw as we walked out the door to take the kids and derby walking on saturday morning.

P.S.!!! - how soon they start you on school fundraisers! call davis today to place your wrapping paper, garden flag, magazine, cookie dough, candy or fudge order :)

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