Thursday, September 9, 2010


i try to split posts and stories evenly between davis and allison on here. but recently allison has been hogging the spotlight. so it seems. oh! there will be more. jest you wait. our little twinkletoes had her first dance lesson today. so while i wait for my videos to complete uploading, i'm going to swing that lamp around on my little early bird.

davis is always up at the first peep of sunlight. if you have seen charlotte's web recently (which we not only watched recently but also frequently), wilbur lays still on the barn floor with only his eyes open saying, "wait for it, wait for it.....and now!" when the sun pokes up over the trees, the little pig jumps up and wakes all the others. that is our boy.

so while at the beach, i figured why not take davis out to his first sunrise? i wake up, tap him on the shoulder and nudge him out the door in pjs while its still dark. i tell him we have to walk to the beach and we'll get to see the sun come up for the start of the day. what was he most concerned about? finding out where exactly was the pool. can we see the pool from the beach? better yet, can we see the sunrise from the pool? and best of all = how soon can we go swimming in the pool?

despite the pool interrogation and a good little rain shower, davis remained true to his sunny morning disposition and brought in a new day taking a walk on the beach looking for shells. and of course, counting down the minutes to jumping in the pool.

trying to hold hands on the beach:

pouting because davis won't hold hands:

dancing on the beach:

finally holding hands!:

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