Wednesday, December 22, 2010

waiting and more waiting

davis says he keeps "WAITING" on christmas. i'm currently waiting on daddy. waiting on daddy to get home. waiting on daddy's plane to get in. waiting on daddy's one hour commute from the airport to be over. waiting on my laundry to get folded. waiting on my presents to get wrapped. waiting on my dishwasher to get emptied. but they are not getting done by themselves.

one night without daddy throws everyone out of whack. i'm sure daddy's just waiting to get home and get to sleep. we are all "READY" for him to be home.

crazy thing happened to today at the store. standing in line (forever) at sam's to buy two things for office party and one LAST christmas present. look in cart. there are only two things for office in there. ooh! i have to get out of this line and go back for the present. that's not the crazy thing fore-mentioned. retrieve present. come back. get in line again. this time there are two parents and their two toddlers waiting behind us. the mom keeps calling out to the little boy, "william, come here." "william, come back." "william!" i whisper to davis to see if he heard that little boy's name was william too. still standing in line 10-15 minutes later, we get our turn at the register. however, parents behind me decide to split up and the mom takes the kids to the car while dad waits and pays. (been there. done that.) as the mom is walking off with the kids she calls out to the daughter this time, "allison! come on."

huh?!?!?! what? i look back over my shoulder at the dad and ask "are your kids william and allison?" he says yes. i point to my two in the cart and say, "same here. william and allison." he says, "really?" "yes, really. good taste."

we hear of a lot of williams. that's one reason we use davis. but we RARELY hear of any other allisons. but william + allison? that was crazy.

well now, i am ready for bed. and hopefully my little sugar plum fairy will be dancing in my head soon. but of course i cannot log out without sharing her little christmas dance with you, my devoted reader....

...and to all a GOOD NIGHT!

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