Monday, January 31, 2011


maybe i'll make resolutions this year. maybe i won't. maybe this year will be different. maybe i'll stick to them. maybe at least until february. maybe this year there will be time to ___________ (too many ways to fill in that blank). maybe, just maybe, if i get a post done today, i can still get at least one entry in per month. maybe. if i remember that the other 11 months of this year. word of the year = maybe. it still says, "anything's possible." much better than it's alternative, slacker.

it's also the year of the frog. it is, according to allison. two nights ago she declares to me, "mommy, if you don't be nice to me, i'm going to turning you into a frog." now here, you have to imagine allison standing strong towards me from about 8 feet away shaking a pink fuzzy wand in my direction. she is not taking a stand as a princess, but an almighty, powerful fairy. and she means business.


davis & rowan go on a snowy exploration. the younger siblings chose a warmer option.

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