Thursday, May 5, 2011

baby steps

zach got his stitches out and moved up to an aircast that allows him to bear a little weight with the crutches! i'm sure it's a lot easier than holding his foot up and having to hop along. though, allison has enjoyed hopping around on one foot declaring her foot hurts when she wants some attention, too.

so, while allison & i are patiently waiting ona prescription for zach at the local drug store, we whiz around the aisles to see if there is anything at all that i can snag for the next couple days of teacher appreciation week?

new displays of cute, summer items are partially out in one aisle. do i see a sale? yes! grab a 2 for $10 deal. nuts on sale 3 cans for $10? that will work too. great! teacher appreciation days 2 & 3, pain killers for zach..... all in one swoop. maybe we'll get through this week after all.

teacher appreciation day #2

teacher appreciation day #3

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