Thursday, May 19, 2011

deja vu to you too

there is something familiar about today. seems as if i've been here before. seems as if i've gotten the same phone call before too -

(teacher) "stephanie?"


(teacher) "davis fell and hit the picnic tables again on the playground. you need to come get him. he'll need stitches again."

"i'll be right there."

only this time, i knew EXACTLY where to take him and who to call to let them know we were coming. again.

not only coming back to the doctor's office for the the second time this week. (the first appointment was for kindergarten health assessment & 5 year old well-check.) but for the second time to get stitches in the head. only this time it was the other side of the head. and he got three staples instead.

well, the lesson for the day is......(because we obviously didn't learn it before)......when davis takes on a picnic table, the table WILL win.

and yes i did ask. ....."is my child the only one who has this problem or does it happen a lot?" thinking that it happens more often and we might need new tables at the school. but, no, it just seems to only happen to davis.

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