Friday, February 10, 2012


2011 was such a crazy year for us.  if you've seen us at all in the past 10 months, you'll remember why.  if not, well, here's a brief summary:  trip to london & paris for spring break.  trip to hospitals in london after zach gets hit by car. surgery. make it home.  recover.  oh, hello!  trogdon child #3 on the way.

life goes on.  only now, in full speed ahead.  quite honestly, we're often out of steam.  and our blog is living proof.

i ran across this picture tonight and fell in love with them all over again for the hundredth time today.  this is from davis's kindergarten pet parade.  all classes were learning about animals that week and teachers asked students to dress up, bring a picture of their favorite animal or bring a favorite stuffed animal.  teachers also asked for us to use what we already had and get creative.  wait....did you say use what we have?  check.  do you need extras?  i ask?  because we have that too!

now as i look back on 2011 and allison's change of hair texture-  i realize one sums up the other in one word...."huh?"

and yes, allison did walk davis to school on the leash. and the costume was not complete until our dog had a yellow ball in his possession.

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