Sunday, February 26, 2012

the trick is on us

let's back up to halloween 2011.  usually, i LOVE making the kids' costumes.  however, this past year they decide (well, mostly allison) they want to wear different costumes to all 5 different parties.  my reply?  "well, y'all better wear something you already have because I. Will. Not. be making 10 different costumes."

and they did.  well allison did.  not one costume was bought.  not one costume was worn twice.  i think davis got stuck on costume number 2 and called it a winner.

looking back on fall pictures, i ran across these:

i love davis's puffy chest and allison's best puppy impersonation.

but WHAT GETS what allison does with the eye black once we get back home.....

other costumes revealed were:

1. ariel the mermaid
2.  gardner-webb cheerleader
3. captain america girl

4. ballerina

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